Are DMARC Reports Making Your Head Spin? Want a Simpler Way to Protect Your Email Reputation?

Simplifying Email Security for Your Business

Your Security, Our Priority

In today’s business landscape, your email security is as crucial as locking your office door at night. However, understanding and managing email authentication protocols can be overwhelming. That’s where InboxJam steps in. We offer a fully managed DMARC service that handles all the complexities of email security so you can focus on what you do best—running your business.

Effortless Email Compliance and Protection

Why Stress Over Email Security? Let Us Handle It!

Why worry about the technicalities of SPF, DKIM, DMARC and BIMI when InboxJam can do it for you? With evolving requirements from giants like Yahoo and Google, ensuring your emails are compliant and secure has never been more critical. Our service not only meets these standards but also integrates advanced technologies like BIMI, MTA-STS, and TLS-RPT to enhance your email deliverability and protect your domain from fraud—without you having to lift a finger.

Seamless Security Management

Total Peace of Mind with Full Management

Imagine a world where you never have to deal with email security alerts or compliance issues. That’s the peace of mind InboxJam offers. Our fully managed service includes:

  • Hands-Off Monitoring: We monitor up to 5 domains for you, handling all the technical surveillance and defense against threats.
  • Automated Alerts and Detailed Reporting: Receive email alerts only when necessary and detailed monthly reports that summarize your email security health, all delivered without requiring any involvement from your team.
  • Unmatched Pricing: With InboxJam, there are no caps on message volumes. Our unlimited messaging service is offered at a price lower than what most competitors charge for a fraction of the volume.

What is included?

Every plan has all the following features. The only difference between the plans is the number of domains included.

Everything in the table below is INCLUDED in ALL plans!

More Than Just DMARC
FeatureFeature Description
Initial check and setup of SPF, DKIM, and DMARCWe will work with you and your team to initialize and configure your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records.

We’ll jump on a Zoom call with you and guide you through the initial setup. Don’t worry, this is one time only. After this initial setup, we’ll manage everything going forward.
Initial setup of Google Postmaster ToolsWe will work with you and your team to do the initial setup and configuration of your Google Postmaster Tools.

We’ll jump on a Zoom call with you and guide you through the initial setup. Don’t worry, this is one time only. After this initial setup, we’ll manage everything going forward.
Unlimited Monthly MessagesMost DMARC services limit you to a maximum number of messages per month.

With our managed service, you have unlimited message volume per month per domain.
24/7 MonitoringOur system will monitor your email infrastructure, security, and reputation 24/7 and alert our team of any issues so action can be taken immediately.
1-year Data HistoryAll your DMARC data is securely stored on our servers for 1 full year.
Detailed PDF ReportsDetailed, monthly reports in PDF format.
Hosted SPF with Flattening to avoid 10 lookups limitSPF records have a limit of 10 DNS lookups. If your organization has a wide base of operations or you rely on third-party vendors to send emails on your behalf, your SPF record could exceed the limit. This invalidates your SPF implementation, and your email can fail to authenticate.

With our hosted SPF, you can instantly optimize your SPF record with the click of a button. You’ll never have to think about that lookup limit ever again.
Hosted DMARCInstead of you having to edit your DMARC record as we increase the policy, we will host the DMARC record on our side, and all you do is setup one CNAME record, which we will guide you through, and from that point forward, we can increase the policy on our side without any further involvement from your side.

We will notify you of any changes WELL in advance of making them!
Hosted BIMIOnce your DMARC policy is at the required level, next up is BIMI!

Free Hosted BIMI

When you sign up for a DMARC deployment with InboxJam, you’re also getting hosted BIMI implementation on the house. Building your brand literally couldn’t get easier.

One-Click Implementation

With PowerBIMI, getting your very own SVG-compliant logo is easy and fast. Just upload your logo image, click one button, and boom—you’re done. You can leave the rest to us.
Hosted MTA-STSFor MTA-STS, we will do the same as for DMARC. This will be three CNAME records, and then we manage the policy from our side moving forward.

Most email today is secured with Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, an industry-standard adopted even by consumer email. But attackers can intercept your email even before it gets encrypted. If your email is not transported over a secure connection, your data could be stolen or even modified by an attacker. Mail Transfer Agent-Strict Transport Security (MTA-STS) fixes this, guaranteeing safe transit for your email.
TLS ReportingSMTP TLS Reporting (TLS-RPT) is a standard that enables the reporting of issues in TLS connectivity experienced by applications that send emails and detect misconfigurations. It also enables the reporting of email delivery issues that occur when an email isn’t encrypted with TLS.

This is just for your information ... The whole point of the managed service is for US to keep an eye and fix what we can fix without your intervention.
DNS Real-time error AlertsEmail alert when there is any error in your DNS that can affect email delivery.

We can send these emails to you if you want, but the whole point of the managed service is for US to keep an eye and fix what we can fix without your intervention.
DMARC/DKIM/SPF/BIMI Compliance Threshold AlertsWe will set thresholds for compliance on all protocols. When these thresholds are crossed, we can send you an email if you want, but the whole point of the managed service is for US to keep an eye and fix what we can fix without your intervention.
Real-Time Alerts for DMARC Failure (Forensics) ReportsFor the few mailbox providers that send forensic reports, we will monitor them closely and take any required action.
PGP Encryption for DMARC Forensic ReportsDMARC Forensic reports contain data about every individual email that failed DMARC. This means they might potentially include confidential information that was present in those emails. We value your privacy more than anything else, which is why InboxJam lets you encrypt your forensic reports so only authorized users have access to them.
SOC2 and ISO27001 Certification and ComplianceOur software is fully SOC2 and ISO27001 compliant, which means your data is secured by the best available security policies and procedures.
Threat MapWe use some of the most sophisticated and advanced tools in the industry to help us serve you better. Our AI-driven Threat Intelligence (TI) engine helps you identify malicious sources trying to impersonate your brand. This lets us keep a watchful eye over your domain to see who has access to it around the world, their IP information and host name, as well as any record of domain abuse. If they’re using your domain, you can be sure we know who and where they are, as well as how to shut them down if they try a spoofing attack.
Threat IntelligenceBeyond a point, it becomes impractical to monitor every single IP address that poses a spoofing threat to your domain. Not only do you need to know when a new malicious source pops up, but you need to be alerted when an attack is going on.

DMARCWorx’s proprietary DMARC Threat Intelligence (TI) engine is your personal sentry on 24/7 guard duty. Our AI-based threat detection service uses specialized algorithms to rapidly identify the global blacklists on which each IP is located and the sending hostname’s email reputation. All operating at a level of detail a human could never match.

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