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We need a read-only API key on your SendGrid account. It is VERY limited and can ONLY read your suppression logs and statistics. NOTHING else.

We want to be very clear here … With this API key,

  • We CANNOT send any messages through your account.
  • We CANNOT read any messages sent.
  • We CANNOT see the email addresses you are sending to, OTHER than the ones that bounce.
  • We CANNOT see your contact list in any way.

This key gives us read-only access to the suppression logs and statistics in your account and absolutely nothing else.

It’s very quick and easy to setup:

1. Click on Settings on your left menu in your SendGrid account
2. Click API Keys

3. On the next screen click the button that says Create API Key

4. Enter a name for the key. This can be anything you want. We suggest InboxJam so it is easy to recognize.

5. Select Restricted Access

6. You will need to scroll down a bit to find Stats. These can only be read-only. Just click the dot on the right.
7. Next click the middle dot next to suppressions. This is the read-only option. Do NOT click the dot on the right as that will full access.

8. Click the Create & View Button

9. Copy the created key and paste it in the form below.

Enter one email address per line

Please follow the steps above to generate a read-only API key with ONLY the permissions specified.

Please enter all your sub-user accounts, one per line.

Please enter all your IP's used for sending so we can monitor their reputation. One per line please.

Please enter your sending domains. These are the domains that you set up DKIM and SPF on to be authenticated with SendGrid. We will monitor them for blocklistings and reputation.